Sanibel Community House first painting class

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It’s great to be teaching again after the long summer break. A lot of snowbirds are back already and I enjoyed the first class of the season with 8 excited students. Here is the step by step demo of the painting “fishing boats” that we created together.
About the painting:
For this painting green seemed like a good base-coat for the canvas. To make the composition interesting I played with the shapes of the boats and arranged them in an half circle. This painting turned into an almost abstract, where color and contrast are most important. The light pastel colors against some real dark browns and blacks make for a great contrast and turn the painting into a strong eye-catcher.
I will demo this painting again in February for all of you who missed the class yesterday.
More soon,


3 thoughts on “Sanibel Community House first painting class

  1. I would like to host a wine and painting “girls night out” during the week of August 10th 2015. Each year we come to Sanibel and our group has grown. Is there any way you could accommodate us with such an event?

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