Pelican a la van Gogh at February 3rd’s Colorful Sips

Pelican van Gogh

Pelican van Gogh

There could be a colorful pelican in your future!

I think it’s time for another wildlife theme. We will begin with a black canvas background and add bright, jewel-like colors on top adding exciting vibrancy.

The sky part of the pelican painting is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Wheat Field with Cypresses”, and “The Starry Night”. My intent is to create interesting movements with strong brushstrokes… one of the many reasons van Gogh is so popular today…….though nobody thought so in 1889! 

On February 3rd, let me guide you though this fun painting using a bold-stroke technique.

Happy artist on February 20th

Happy artist on January 20th


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