Thank you for a great season!

Happy artists at the

Happy artists on April 20th

My Artist Friends,

Here we are again at the end of the season.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and good spirits at the Colorful Sips hall of famous artists!

A glass of wine in one hand and a brush in the other we created many beautiful new paintings together this season. From seascapes to hibiscus flowers, to creatures of the tropics and sea we covered a lot of ground and splashed a lot of paint around. I enjoyed each class with you and it gives me great pleasure to see so many of you return to our large group of creative artists again and again.

Thank you so much for your support and hats off to your great achievements! 🙂

I am looking forward to painting with you again next winter at the Community House.



PS: Don’t forget the classes at South Seas Resort will continue through most of the summer every Tuesday and Thursday 2pm to 4pm.

To register please call me at 321-282-6332 or email at

Quote: Each day in the life of an artist is new and exciting. Breathe in the love of life, the knowledge that today you have the freedom to paint and create… breathe in the joy of being an artist. (Gwen Fox)


2 thoughts on “Thank you for a great season!

  1. HI Sissi, Hopefully next year will be better for me and painting.  We are headed back to MI on Thursday.  So, we are cleaning and organizing our condo and packing up. Great seeing you on our dog walks and at the Convention Center presentation. Have a great summer,Jacki

  2. Sissi, you are a Gem!! Thank you for sharing your expertise and being so pleasant and patient!! I had such a good time and look forward to next season. Have a wonderful summer and happy travels! Hugs, Joan Brusch

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