Happy and Artful Holidays!

three-cottages-christmas“Christmas is remembered joys.”

Wishing you all the wonders of Christmas and beautiful new memories throughout the coming year.

Hope you enjoy this twinkling, sparkling, wonderful time of the year!



Underwater MagicSome “Underwater Magic” will be found at our next Painting Party “Colorful Sips” on Wednesday January 11th, 7pm to 9pm!

We have never done an underwater painting in class before…be prepared to use a lot of water…hehhehe. Seriously the painting will be done in a wet in wet technique. Something I really enjoy and I hope you are going to as well!

This will be the first class back in the newly renovated Community House in Sanibel! Wow, I am so anxious to see how it looks and so so excited to get to see you all again after such a long break due to the renovations. 

To sign up for this class please call the Community House at 239-472-2155. For the Captiva classes please call me at 321-282-6332. Bring your snacks and drink and have fun!

To me Happiness at Christmas is remembering the people who mean so much all year.

Merry Christmas from my heart!



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