New Class location for January 11th

Underwater Magic

Hello my painting buddies!

I am very happy so many of you signed up for the “Colorful Sips” painting party on Wednesday January 11th. Looks like we will have a full class.

I am so looking forward to painting with you!

Due to a delay in the completion of the renovations at the Community House our class will be held in the Sanibel Public Library.

We will paint in the Meeting Rooms 1,2 and 3 on the ground floor. When you walk up to the main entrance, don’t try to go in there, instead turn left and follow the outside wall along a paved path to a glass door.

The address for the Library is: 770 Dunlop Rd. 

See you on Wednesday 7pm! Remember to bring some snacks and libations.

Sending you big hugs and warm thoughts to stay warm 🙂



2 thoughts on “New Class location for January 11th

  1. Hi Sissi! I’m back! Looking forward to painting with you again but will probably do it mostly in April when my husbands gone back up north. Is that painting above of the tropical fish what you’ll be doing the 11th? It’s beautiful and tempting!!
    See you soon, Liz Doherty Wolin

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