“Spoonbill, Crab and Shells”


The roseate spoonbill, known for its bright pink color and sometimes mistaken for a flamingo, was over-hunted in the late 1800s when the bird’s bright plumes sold for $2 each to be used on hats and as hand fans.

The colorful pink spoonbill is unquestionably the emblematic bird of Florida.

I think, that they look gorgeous at a distance and a little bizarre up close. But at the right angle they can almost look cute.

Our painting for February 15th will be a whimsical depiction of this uniquely colored bird, a playful crab and some beautiful shells. The background will be bright orange.

Nothing to it, right?!

Let’s have some fun with these pastel colors accented with brown and blue!

Please call the Community House to reserve a seat at 239-472-2155.

I am already looking forward to painting with you!



Happy artists at the February 1st “Colorful Sips”!


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