March 8th “Colorful Sips”

"A Little Piece of Paradise"

Hello my artist friends!

Let’s celebrate our own little paradise complete with a beach cottage on Sanibel Island surrounded by gently swaying palms.

Aaaaah, a tranquil image so good for the mind.

A little  glass of wine, some paint and a canvas will take you there on March 8th!

Our subject for the class is called “ A Little Piece of Paradise”. I invite you to paint along side me at the Community House for 2 fun filled hours.

I am already looking forward to painting with you on March 8th, 7pm to 9pm!

Please call the Community House at 239-472-2155 to sign up.

See you in paradise….


dscn8383 Happy artist at the February 15th “Colorful Sips” painting class


3 thoughts on “March 8th “Colorful Sips”

  1. Senorita…..I am impressed by everybody’s work…. You are the best teacher… are going to make Everybody ARTIST!!!!!! I am also happy to see you In the photo!!!!

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  2. SISSI-you are so talented! I enjoy looking at your web site and paintings-this is the first time I have visited your web site! I have been selling my work for about twenty-five years (only by a miracle do they sell) but what a jy-to view your beautiful works of art!

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