Summer projects


An ornate desk and a large cedar trunk have been waiting patiently in a corner of the studio to be painted. Everything has its time and the desire to work on these interesting pieces is no exception. One quiet morning some weeks ago, the inspiration to start on both projects appeared and the work began.

I had painted the trunk lid previously and that existing image passed the test of time. However, three sides remained to be painted. 

The desk presented a different challenge. It had been painted an ominous black, not a color scheme in tune with our tropical island.

A treatment of white primer applied to the two pieces was a good starting point. It is as if you start with a fresh canvas allowing ideas to come pouring in.

Tropical birds, a lake, and a stream through a lush landscape came to mind. As always, bright colors and dramatic skies add excitement to the artwork……and here they are.

The quiet summers in Sanibel provide extra time to stimulate the creative juices.

My painter’s life is relatively quiet. There are welcome travel breaks, but I do value the solitude of the studio and those fascinating, valuable hours collecting ideas.

I will be sad, when this lovely summer is over, but happy to see my friends return.

I hope you enjoy these summer offerings.DSCN8945DSCN8950




One thought on “Summer projects

  1. Your desk and trunk are so beautiful! I envy the person who will have either in their home! Hope you are enjoying the quiet of summer in Captiva. My summer has been busy in PA, getting my house ready to sell, but looking forward to some beach days.
    See you in October. Hugs!

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