“Sunny Paradise” is waiting for you!

Where has the time gone? It is already the end of another wonderful season. We have our last “Colorful Sips” class together before the summer of 2018. I hope to see you for one more painting and more fun!

“Sunny Paradise” will be our project at the Community House on April 4th from 7pm to 9pm.

This hazy sunrise painting puts you in a nostalgic mood, back to a time when life was simple and quiet. A wet-on-wet background and playful dabbles on the palm-trees make this painting truly enjoyable and there are new techniques to master.

We are learning so much in our 2 hours of enjoyment!

As always, bring your favorite drinks and a lot of painting enthusiasm.

Please call the Sanibel Community House to register for this class at 239-472-2155.

I’m sad that this will be the last class of the season on Sanibel, but for those of you who can’t live without art, the classes in Captiva continue on!

Email me at sissi@sissijanku.com or call me at 239-888-6980

For details click here to find out more about the Captiva classes held every Tuesday and Thursday 2pm to 4pm: http://www.sissijanku.wordpress.com


 Happy artist on March 21st painting the Sanibel Lighthouse


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