November 14th, “Poppies”

Come and join us to this beginners-to-advanced acrylic painting class in a relaxed atmosphere where you can laugh, snack and sip while you paint.

Our November 14th “painting event” is packed with fascinating insights.

During our class we will create a  wet on wet background adding  the loosely sketched poppies ensuring that the focal point flower is emphasized .

The highlights and details we add in the end will bring the painting into the “right light’.

After 2 hours of being absorbed in the creative process each student will be the proud owner of a finished painting that has the realistic quality of poppies and still shows an abstract freshness with a glamorous play of colors.

Everyone in our session is intensely involved exploring each step without being self-critical. These “poppy-paintings” always produce wonderful surprises.

Location: Community House, Sanibel

Date: November 14th, 7pm to 9pm

Cost: $60, $50 for Members

Please call the Community House for reservations 239-472-2155


One thought on “November 14th, “Poppies”

  1. Simply inspiring! Love those flowers, their colors, and the various painting styles! Makes me want to sign up right away!!! 😉

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